High-tech solution BEPIPE helps
save electricity
and reduce costs

The Austrian electricity price index (Austrian Energy Agency, 2022) is at 603.41 points as of October 22, 2022. The increase within the last 12 months amounts to 342.2 %. An end has yet to be in sight. This makes BEPIPE – the high-tech device from Bridge Energy GmbH – all the more important. With BEPIPE, you can save between 6 and 18 % on monthly electricity.

Planning security has not existed for a long time. 514.50 EUR – that’s how much a megawatt hour of electricity currently costs (e-control, 2022). For comparison: in the fourth quarter of last year, it was 126.56 EUR. There is no relief in sight for businesses in the coming months either. “Electricity costs – in terms of their value for cash flow planning – always ranged in seventh place in my company. In the meantime, they are in third place,” says a print shop owner in Salzburg.

12% less monthly electricity at Hotel Lenas Donau on average

DI Agnes Smola-Paluch always keeps a close eye on the development of electricity prices. She runs the Hotel Lenas Donau in Vienna’s 22nd district. The 180-bed hotel has an average electricity consumption of around 18,500 kWh per month. In June 2022, she installed the BEPIPE device from Bridge Energy Group. “The first results were already evident in the warm-up phase. After all, the device takes about four weeks to show its full effect. In the meantime, electricity savings have settled at an average of 12 %. They no longer want to do without the device. With today’s electricity prices, every kilowatt-hour you don’t use pays off,” says the hotel manager.

Different parameters for meaningful data

Different parameters were used to measure electricity savings. “At first, we measured the current electricity consumption without BEPIPE. Secondly, with BEPIPE. DI Agnes Smola-Paluch compared the results to the consumption of 2019, including bed occupancy, the actual number of guests and weather data. We disregarded 2020 and 2021. They are not comparable due to the pandemic,” explains the COO of Bridge Energy GmbH, Maxim Krasnensky, M.Sc., “We are already looking forward to the November evaluation.”

Average savings of 14 % at the Graz Police School

The Graz Police School has also installed a BEPIPE 50 kW system for testing purposes. “Reports clearly show electricity savings in the range of 10 – 15 % from the 2nd to the 5th day of measurement, in some cases even 18 %. Since this electrotechnical system involves approximately uniform loads, I assume that the measured values are real and therefore usable, ” states Markus Vabic, managing director of the electrical company.

Early results expected from Sparmarkt Koller in Scheiblingkirchen

Bridge Energy GmbH is eagerly awaiting the measurement results of Stefan Koller’s SPAR store in Scheiblingkirchen. The entrepreneur is considered a pioneer in energy saving and has implemented almost all measures that can be implemented, from photovoltaic systems to thermal bridges and many more. “This market is already considered optimised. All the more exciting, of course, is what additional savings can be made thanks to BEPIPE,” says Kransensky.

High-tech from Austria

BEPIPE is a product of Bridge Energy GmbH – 100 % made in Austria. The Viennese company committed itself to green energy a long time ago. “Energy should be used as efficiently as possible. Every kilowatt hour of electricity saved has a positive impact on costs and protects the environment,” says Michael Davidson, owner of the company, “Moreover, BEPIPE impressively proves that environmental protection and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive for companies.”

Many industries with a wide variety of loads are putting BEPIPE’s power-saving effect through its paces. “The effect of BEPIPE is based on the chemical reaction of monomers and polymers. It causes an excess of electrons in the network that increases the flow velocity of the electrons in the line. The result: You need less power for the same output. Less electricity is consumed,” Maxim Krasnensky explains the working principle for laymen.

BEPIPE can be used in all power grids where loads are attached. It achieves the best results with uniform, inductive loads and densely branched power networks. For more information, visit bridge-energy.eu.

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