Climate protection and profitability are not mutually exclusive, and companies can improve their energy efficiency – this was impressively demonstrated at the PLC’s Executive Night at the Parkhotel Hyatt Vienna.

Rising energy prices, ever-increasing CO2 taxes and stricter regulations regarding environmental protection are increasingly becoming a challenge for companies. Profitability and climate protection often seem to be mutually exclusive. One of the leading experts on sustainable management has proven in his presentation at the Executive Night of the Premium Leaders Club that this is not the case: Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker. Only recently, his new book on this topic, “That’s not enough – foreign policy, new economics, new enlightenment – What we need now in the climate crisis.” was published with content that is also meeting with great approval in the business world. “The climate discussion has been going on for three decades. Politicians and companies are called upon to cooperate. New business models and a lot of innovation are necessary to drive the climate turnaround,” said the honorary president of the Club of Rome.

Saving electricity – easing the burden on power grids

The pioneer in climate protection also emphasized in his presentation that the kilowatt hour of electricity from photovoltaics is now cheaper than coal, oil and gas, not to mention nuclear energy. One must stop, however, also with their Verschwendung eventually. The participants in the subsequent panel discussion also agreed with this.

“Austria’s municipalities are currently taking many initiatives to prevent a blackout. These include, for example, the establishment of energy communities. In this way, one decentralizes power supply and relieves electricity grids,” said Dr. Herbert Greisberger, Managing Director of the Energy and Environment Agency of the Province of Lower Austria and board member of the Austrian energy communities.

Electricity cost reduction of around 6 – 18% is possible.
“This relief of the electricity grids will become increasingly important soon. With the phase-out of gas, there will be a greater need in the next few years. Every kilowatt hour of electricity that is saved plays a role here. That’s why we developed BEPIPE, which can save between 6 and 18%. Of course, the same percentage also reduces the load on the power grid. At the same time, it reduces the CO2 footprint by 0.45 kg per kilowatt-hour saved. And, what is essential for companies, you also permanently reduce electricity costs,” explained Maxim Krasnensky, M.S.c –COO of the Viennese entrepreneur BRIDGE Energy.
Knowledge transfer at the highest level
With this topic, the two founders of the Premium Leaders Club, Dr. Tanja Hacker and Alexander Schungl, hit the pulse of time. This was also evident in the lively discussions among the guests after the official part. As well as with their concept: of offering networking at the highest level paired with knowledge transfer for C-level executives and entrepreneurs. And not only in the context of the Executive Night.